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The first island on The World Dubai is ready to receive guests

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Dubai’s real estate crash had a hard effect on all the companies dealing with immovables, including Nakheel’s The World. Fortunately, the resort is now opening its luxurious World Island Beach Club, to celebrate the arrival of 2012. The resort is aimed for enhancing The Island’s touristic definition and to develop its strong potential as a wanted destination.

The exclusivity of this will cost its members up to $10,890 per year to join, which should bring at least decent incomes to the facility. The surface of the island is around 39,000 square meters, 17,000 of which should be used for facilities and amenities.

It’s just a throw of a stick away from Dubai’s shoreline, 30 minutes by water taxi, and will feature 50 beach loungers along the sea coast, a restaurant facility for 100 diners, eight cabanas plus eight luxury log-cabin style changing rooms endowed with showers, and there are also a lounge area and entertainment facilities.

There’s also a supplementary area that can accommodate 500 people and can be used for events, such as weddings, functions or launches. Furthermore, we also need to mention that the resort has a license for commercializing alcoholic beverages, the pontoon can handle yachts of up to 80 feet in length and the waters surrounding the spot can host 40 medium-sized yachts and vessels.

Just after Dubai’s property crash that had a serious impact on the development of the project, thus the owner, Wakil Admed Azmi, is urged to open the first attraction on The World. The costs for the island of Lebanon and the construction reached $16,3 million, so it needs to start business right away to have a chance at recuperating the sum and earn some profit.

Day and dinner cruises around The World are to be offered to tourists by Nakheel, as an attempt to reestablish the resort as a touristic destination. There’s also a wildlife aim to be considered, the entrepreneurs developing a program to create 500 artificial reefs around Dubai, to help regenerate the marine wildlife and also to contribute to the local fishing, thus aiding the whole region.

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