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Spending $5,200 On The Leica M 262 Camera Is A Bright Idea

By Victor Baker


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Leica M 262 Camera

Leica’s impressive M type cameras are constantly evolving and improving, although some might argue that these cameras don’t actually justify their price-tags right now. Probably that’s why the renowned camera maker has taken notice and came through with the Leica M 262, a simple and precise camera, made in Germany, of course.

There are no video recording capabilities, or even Live View focusing among this camera’s features but you won’t walk away empty-handed, so to speak, as the camera does come with a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor featuring an ISO range of 100-6,400. You will also be enjoying a handy continuous shooting mode, with 3 frames per second capabilities.

Leica M 262 Camera

The  Leica M 262 camera also features a quieter shutter and a useful 3-inch monitor, so that nothing will interrupt you while you come up with that ideal pose and picture. Surely, it will fulfill basic shooting needs for any Leica fan, although you might miss the presence of an auto-focus feature.

But the Leica M Mount might come in handy. Even though this camera will be an entry-level rangefinder from Leica, it won’t be as affordable as you’d expect, as the M 262 will set you back $5,200. Well, it is a Leica, after all.

Leica M 262 Camera

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