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The Stylish SevenFriday P2B/03-W ‘Woody’ Limited Edition

By Victor Baker


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SevenFriday P2B/03-W

SevenFriday is still a pretty unknown name to a lot of people, but once you got one of these incredible pieces adorning your wrist, everyone seeing it will become painfully aware of the brand.

The makers of super cool watches have just unveiled a new limited edition, the SevenFriday P2B/03-W ‘Woody’, which is actually a re-imagined version of the brand’s flagship model, the P-series, this time coming with a case surrounded in wood. But there’s more to it than that, as the brand also brought several refinements and upgrades to the table.

The design of this SevenFriday P2B/03-W Woody was inspired by vintage/industrial production methods, with hand hammered copper, old iron tools and the art of wood crafting. That’s why this fashionable watch features a dark grey PVD-treated stainless steel case surrounded by an outer wooden bumper.

SevenFriday P2B/03-W

According to the brand, this outer ring consists of seven layers of American walnut, beech, and cherry wood. Individually shaped, lacquered, and layered specially for the SevenFriday P2B/03-W Woody, those wooden layers add to the overall charm of the watch.

Continuing on with the differences from the P Series, the dial of this watch features raised markers, six of them significantly more so than the others. The disc for the seconds has been partially skeletonized as well and the dial-side view of the automatic Miyota 82S7’s balance wheel has been expanded.

What’s also interesting, considering that the watch has been dubbed Woody, is that the company has incorporated an NFC chip in their new SevenFriday watch. A brown vintage oiled leather strap will allow it to accessorize your style, but you’ll have to pay 1,388 Swiss francs for one of the 450 pieces available, starting December 2015.

SevenFriday P2B/03-W

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