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The 2016 Ducati XDiavel Will Make you Squirm

By Victor Baker


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Ducati XDiavel

Ever since it was launched, Ducati’s marvelous Diavel took over the entire world. But it wasn’t what you’d call a cruiser, since it was built to go as fast as possible and look drop dead gorgeous in the process. That’s why Ducati unleashed the XDiavel, an awesome upgrade with a stroked-out engine and a much cleaner look.

The design of this new Ducati masterpiece was clearly inspired by the Diavel, but the engine has been stroked out to 1262 cc, good enough for 156 hp and 129 Nm of torque to give the rider the thrills he or she is looking for. The Ducati XDiavel also aims for a more relaxed ride, that’ll still open up for a ton of top-end horsepower when you want it to.

And apart from all that power, the styling looks fantastic and quite menacing, to say the least. Chunky futuristic elements, a trellis frame and a super-flat headlight make sure everyone will see you coming.

The neat tail and twin split dash are similar to the Diavel, but the twin fat shorty pipes make for an awesome soundtrack. Ducati felt it wouldn’t be a cruiser without a belt drive, so it fitted one of those instead of the chain.

Ducati XDiavel

Speaking of cruising, the Ducati XDiavel has 60 riding positions, customers being able to choose between four different footrest positions, five different seats and three different handlebars. Still, this bike will still hit a 40-degree lean before its footpegs start decking out, so you know it’s always fun to ride.

The XDiavel also comes with an Inertial Measurement Unit, Traction Control and Cornering ABS systems, as well as various riding modes and cruise control, and even a launch control system.

We’ve also got news that a sportier, S version, might be on its way, so you might consider waiting for that one. The latter will feature glossy black paint, daytime running light, DLC-coated forks, and bigger Brembo M50 brake calipers. What do you think?

Ducati XDiavel

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