Spectacular Ron Sang Waterfront Villa in New Zealand

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, this 1,447 square meters property is one of the most beautifully placed residences in the respective country. The mansion, a 390 square meters symbol of magnificence, is located on the beachfront, offering an incredible view. The lifestyle one may have here is totally exquisite.

Comprising six bedrooms with four bathrooms, two en-suites, sun-room, study-room, gymnasium-room, vast formal and informal living room, double garage and a workshop, the estate is strategically placed and divided to allow its guests to enjoy maximum of the comfort it provides. There is absolutely nothing on Earth that you would want in addition to these.

Everything from indoors flows beautifully towards the outdoors, where one can find an infinity pool, the waterfront and a large pasture. If you are the type of guy that needs space combined with privacy, then this is the way to go.