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Range Rover Evoque refined by Merdad

By Adrian Prisca


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The English car manufacturer Range Rover has recently released the Range Rover Evoque. With aggressive looks and beautiful stream-lines, it shows a sporty nature, with “teeth” hidden under the bonnet. The coupe-like three door design, along with a low roof-line, wheel-arches that really stick out from the body-work and head- and taillights that seem to be stalking someone haven’t presumably been enough for the car-tuner, so, they’ve decided to further add improvements to them.

With plans to launch a kit of components called Mer-Nazz, the car tuners from Merdad will make the Range Rover Evoque even more attractive . The kit adds new intakes to cope with the beautifully-shaped wheel-arches, new bumpers, both for the front and back, brand new side skirts and huge customizable 22-inch alloy rims to match the other pieces.

Adding to the aerodynamics of the vehicle, they’ve modified the rear, mounting a new diffuser, while the front has a new vented bonnet. Related to performance, there is no news so far. Until they launch it, they will surely think of this aspect as well.

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