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Shine Bright with the De Beers Talisman Collection

By Victor Baker


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De Beers Talisman Collection

The skilled diamond jewellers from De Beers have been using rough diamonds for their unique designs for over 10 years now, and they’ve decided to celebrate this anniversary with the De Beers Talisman Collection, which is simply stunning, to say the least.

Featuring a couple of striking new designs that present rough diamonds in their purest form, untouched by the human hand, the feminine and timeless pieces from the Talisman Collection are here to showcase the brand’s exceptional jewelry craftsmanship.

De Beers Talisman Collection

The most interesting piece from this exquisite collection is definitely the Talisman Wondrous Sphere, as it was designed to express the love for art and rough diamonds. Priced at a staggering $1 million, the necklace highlights a central 13-carat olive green rough diamond, surrounded by a three-dimensional sequence of rare diamonds. Motion and movement are reflected by mobile circles, representing man’s quest for discovery.

The new De Beers line also includes a hand-selected array of diamonds: going from round brilliants and baguettes, to mixed cuts and exceptional rough diamonds.

De Beers Talisman Collection

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