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Pharrell & Zaha Hadid designed these chic Adidas Sneakers

By Victor Baker


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pharell zaha hadid adidas sneakers

I’m not much of an art connoisseur, but I do appreciate talent and awesome designs now and then. So, to see music, architecture and sport blend together in these amazing sneakers is somewhat of a unique event. The “Artwork” collection of Superstar sneakers is what resulted when Adidas allowed musician Pharrell Williams and the famed architect Zaha Hadid imagine a completely unique pair of sneakers.

Using the legendary Adidas Superstars as the starting point, these shoes showcase a one-of-a-kind work of art of Pharrell’s favorite artists. And the influence of one of the world’s most talented architects of our times, Zaha Hadid, makes these sneakers even more eye catching.

pharell zaha hadid adidas sneakers

This unique partnership between Pharell, Zaha Hadid and Adidas is part of the brand’s special “Artwork” collection, that also features sneakers designed by New York City-based contemporary artist Todd James, Japanese artist Mr. and New York City-based artist, photographer and director Cass Bird.

These shoes will be available in a very limited run, available only in certain parts of the world and if we won’t be able to buy them, hopefully we could at least take a closer look to these sneakers.

pharell zaha hadid adidas sneakers

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