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SevenFriday’s Q-Series Is Ready to Take Over the World

By Victor Baker


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SevenFriday Q-Series

SevenFriday has just introduced the all-new Q-Series, a new collection of bespoke watches meant to impress us with a sleek, vintage-industrial look. The SevenFriday Q-series doesn’t follow any revolutionary design direction, although it does all the things this watchmaker has become well known for, using the same case and the same central minute hand as the V series, which was revealed back in 2015.

With three new dial layouts on offer, each of them with its own unique visual identity, the Q-Series includes a 44 mm stainless steel tonneau-shaped case, offering 30 meters worth of water resistance, and hiding a customized Miyota 2819 automatic movement, with 3Hz, 40+ hours of power reserve, while the multi-level dial elements are visible at all angles.

SevenFriday Q-Series

Every single watch from this new SevenFriday Q-series includes an NFC chip, allowing future owners of one of these beauties to make use of the brand’s mobile app and pay up different services without even bothering – you might remember this technology as the one powering applications like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

The mobile phone app will help users to scan the chip and test it against SevenFriday’s database. Each SevenFriday Q-Series watch will be delivered in a wooden crate and the prices will be $1,160 for the SevenFriday Q1, $1,190 for the SevenFriday Q2, and $1,220 for the SevenFriday Q3. Make your choice!

SevenFriday Q-Series


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