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Lobanov Design’s SHY Superyacht Represents A Game Changer

SHY Superyacht

Lobanov Design has recently displayed a new, ground breaking 110-metre yacht concept, in the form of a gorgeous superyacht called SHY, that’s already being built at Oceanco and it’s set to be launched later this year. Looking absolutely incredible from front to bottom, this large vessel is a total game changer, standing out from any crowd thanks to its clean, modern and charismatic looks.

The innovative design of this superyacht replaced straight lines with flowing ribbons, bringing a translucent quality to a vessel that looks more like a futuristic space craft than anything else. Offering striking looks and extraordinary comforts and amenities, as well as a far greater degree of privacy than you might imagine, SHY is a sailor’s best dream.

SHY Superyacht

The Italian design studio worked really hard to come up with a drool inducing vessel, and SHY will do exactly that, and then some. Sure to catalyze many more yacht designs in the near future, and inspire other yacht enthusiasts to follow this amazing direction, the radical appearance of this vessel should be more than enough to impress everyone.

If not, they should consider the fact that this vessel will be by far the largest yacht ever built in The Netherlands, both in length and size. Some of the lavish features worth mentioning include a glass elevator inside, a lovely 50 square meters swimming pool and many more.

Unfortunately Lobanov Design has released only two photos of this beauty to this day, and I’m sure we’d all love to see and hear more about the SHY Superyacht.

SHY Superyacht


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