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Samsung Leader 8 Takes You Back in Time, in Style

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Samsung Leader 8

Those of you old enough to own a mobile phone in the early 2000s will probably remember that flip phones were everywhere back then, and represented the ultimate level of coolness for at least a few years. Samsung decided those good old times should be remembered, which is why we are now faced with the surprising Samsung Leader 8, showing off the same classic design, with a modern twist.

This new smartphone from Samsung features a double full HD super AMOLED screen, with a one touch display up front and an additional one on the flipped side. But it also comes with wireless charging, an impressive dual-core fast focus front and rear camera and security systems like fingerprint entry, plus many other goodies.

Samsung Leader 8

The Samsung Leader 8 makes use of a high strength aluminum construction, complemented by gold buttons in an ‘old school’ keypad, and additional golden highlights that make it look fantastic. Featuring a functional retro-looking design, this phone allows you to reconnect with the times when everything was a bit more simple, while keeping you ahead of the curve with state-of-the-art technology.

Elegant and extremely desirable, the Leader 8 might be the perfect gift to yourselves pretty soon. I certainly would love owning one, although there’s no word on pricing yet. Still, this device looks so cool that everyone will probably forget about price-tags and just focus on the release date, when everyone will get to hang up their phones in style once again.

Samsung Leader 8

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