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Salvatore Ferragamo’s Tornabuoni 1927 Line Takes us Back in Time

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This is the all-new Tornabuoni 1927 collection, a stylish line of men’s accessories coming straight from Salvatore Ferragamo.

For those of you a bit in the dark, the name of this new collection comes from Via de’ Tornabuoni, a popular street at the center of Florence, known for its numerous fashion boutiques – sure, there are also plenty of Renaissance landmarks worth visiting around.

The 1927 reference recalls the year when the legendary Salvatore Ferragamo returned to Italy after having found fame in Hollywood, USA.

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As such, the brand’s elegant Tornabuoni 1927 line has some pretty big shoes to fill, so to speak, showing off Salvatore Ferragamo’s amazing craftsmanship and artisanal heritage.

Clear about its identity and boasting a youthful vibe, the new accessories line is set to comprise more affordable articles – Large Leather Goods and Small Leather Goods, mainly designed for leisure time. The Large Leather Goods seems to spread in three main directions.

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First, a selection of black or white bags in deerskin, as well as a nice clutch, graced by an embossed Tornabuoni 1927 logo.

There’s also an assortment of accessories offered in nylon, with a 3D rubber logo application, and another one with the logo printed on a small leather label.

We’ve got here a backpack, a waist bag, black hands-free bag, as well as a smaller shoulder bag. Which one do you enjoy most?

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The Small Leather Goods line, on the other hand, includes a black or white wallet, as well as a credit card holder showing off the same color options.

Available online and in all Salvatore Ferragamo boutiques, the collection has been featured in a mysterious advertising campaign already.

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