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Romeo Ferraris Cinquone Stradale street-legal race car

By Adrian Prisca


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The Abarth 500 Cinquone Modigliani Race Car has now a street-legal brother, courtesy of Romeo Ferrais, Italian tuner. It was presented to the public at the Autodrama Vallelunga.

The car keeps its race-car aspect, a rear-bumper with central muffler tip and a huge diffuser, wide fenders and kits, front-bumper with a huge central air intake and a hood with twin scoops. The metal catalytic converter, better ECU and a stronger turbine are new additions to this model, while the engine remains the same 1.4-liter 4V turbo, all these adding up a total power of 300 HP, 60 less than the race-car.

For much-desired safety, the car has now two seats, the rear seats being replaced with a roll-bar. OMP 4-point seat harnesses enhance the safely of the vehicle, the carbon fiber seats lower its weight (around 1,000kg, 100 kg heavier than its race brother) and the suede leather covering the dash board gives a note of luxury.

With more details to be presented during the following week, we surely hope we get to see this one.


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