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Glamorous Outdoor Furniture by Dolcefarniente

By Adrian Prisca


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Samuele Mazza, renowned Italian designer from Dolcefarniente, has just revealed the “Collezione siderale” project. It represents a collection of innovative outdoor furniture that totally disagrees with usual styles, offering comfort and luxury. One set is the “Gazebo sole”, comprising a full set of chairs, table and a nicely decorated canopy with tulle drapes.

With sun beds that come with thermal bottle holders, chairs with waterproof cushions and a structure built of woven synthetic fiber, aluminum, tempered glass and steel, the collection easily stands out from the market. There’s another series, the “Lounge Canopo”, that’s entirely based on extravagant style and catching the human eye. It comprises armchairs, a coffee table and a sofa.

Dolcefarniente have commented on this project, describing it as the first directly-signed collection with the name of Samuele Mazza. They also described it as a projection of the designer’s way of thinking into the natural world, “a shining of its own light” through materials and style.


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