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Hotel Caruso Belvedere on the Amafi Coast, Italy

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the most beautiful hotels from the stunning Amafi Coast in Italy is the Hotel Caruso Belvedere, set at the highest point of the small city of Ravello, a location from which it offers breathtaking panoramic views of one of the world’s most amazing coastlines and even of the sea beyond.

The hotel has fascinated visitors from all over the world for years especially thanks to its spectacular views, open-air infinity pool, incredible frescoes, domed patio and beautifully designed rooms and suites that are perfect for spending an unforgettable holiday here in Italy.

Over time, Enrico Caruso, Jackie Kennedy or Humphrey Bogart, are just a couple of the well known guests who have spent a couple of days at this marvelous hotel. The infinity pool, which is accessed via an allee of roses under a covered pergola, creates a horizon that seems to go on foverer and it’s definitely the most eye catching part of this hotel.

The Hotel Caruso also features two wonderful restaurants where guests could enjoy the finest meals from local or international cuisine while gawking at the Amafi shore. The Caruso Restaurant is on the first floor and features seating for 90 people with an indoor courtyard as well while the second restaurant is called Belvedere and it’s located in the Belvedere garden with a seating for 50 people, outside.

As you can easily see from any of these pictures, the Caruso Belvedere is definitely a dream hotel for anyone who plans to spend an amazing vacation on the Amafi Coast in Italy but dreams come with a price, and even though it’s a bit expensive, I’m sure it’s worth every single penny.

The hotel also features two modern events rooms for parties, marriage and even small seminars, two conference and meeting rooms, a private garden and balconies overlooking the sea and probably anything else you could think of for a perfect vacation on the Amafi Coast.

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