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BMW unveiled the new 2012 BMW S1000RR

By Adrian Prisca


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BMW have decided to improve their 2009 S1000RR superbike, announcing the launch of the 2012 BMW S1000RR. The new super sports version will have noticeable sports inheritance and new agility, power distribution and build-up, better control and responses.

This new model will make use of the most advanced bike braking system, the Motorrad Race ABS being backed-up by a DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) system. The bike will use the same engine as the previous version that develops 193 HP. Weighing at around 204kg, it will be a lot easier to control.

Furthermore, there are now three engine modes; Race and Slick were added beside the old Rain and Sport modes. For more safety and grip, the maximum power in Rain mode is set to 163 HP. The manufacturer has also made improvements to the torque curve.

The twist-grip angle has been decreased as well as the twisting force, while the suspension has suffered serious changes that boost riding dynamics. A new mechanical steering damper was added, that increased the number of control functions by 10.

The design has suffered some changes as well; the bike will now come with a sportier look and tone. But everything on this model is better than on its predecessor. Good work, BMW!

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