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QDC Blue Dragon Are the World’s Most Expensive Earphones

QDC Blue Dragon 1

If you’ve never heard about this brand, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. Founded a few years ago, QDC is a Chinese high-end audio brand that focuses on high-performance multiple-driver in-ear monitors for professional musicians and music enthusiasts. 

The QDC Blue Dragon earphones represent the company’s newest flagship product, a jewel-encrusted IEM backed up by eighteen months of design and outrageous attention to detail. Aside from showing off an incredible 3D design, these stunning earphones also brag about a few impressive features and a cool $15,700 price-tag. 

QDC Blue Dragon 2

Let’s see, where to start? Well, the enclosures benefit from gold-fused titanium, the housing of each earbud was lined with 800 sapphires, while the blue titanium top plate boasts an 18k gold plate – that’s one way to go about doing things, I guess. But don’t worry, this not just a design study; the technical details are equally impressive.

The company’s state-of-the-art technologies were put to good use here, and the QDC Blue Dragon boast 10 drivers, 4 high frequencies, 2 mid frequencies, and 4 low frequencies.

QDC Blue Dragon 3

As a result, high-end audiophiles should be able to enjoy an ultra-high-bandwidth soundstage. Add the 3 manual tuning switches, that are also adjustable, and you get a finely-tunded soundtrack. Does that sound cool?

It should, and the Blue Dragon earphones come with yet another surprise – a detachable audio cable called the Dragon Skin; three different types of materials were used to generate 49 wires for this luxurious audio cable, but I am confused what was the reason behind that. Probably “because they could”.

QDC Blue Dragon 4

The world’s most expensive earphones also come with a special case, constructed out of the finest ostrich leather, acting as the icing on this outrageous and delicious-looking cake.

Please note that QDC requires about three months to design a pair of these extraordinary Blue Dragon headphones, so you have plenty of time to save $15,700 for one of these luxurious sets. 

QDC Blue Dragon 5


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