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Lazzarini Design’s Xenos Hyperyacht Comes With a Matching Bugatti

Xenos Yacht 1

Speed, style, exclusivity – these are just a few words that come to mind when you’re glancing upon a Bugatti. You would feel lucky to own this automotive masterpiece, but would that be enough? We always want more, and quick glance at the incredible Xenos hyperyacht will make that perfectly clear.

This radical yacht concept looks like it was inspired by ammo – that seems like the right way to go, when you’re designing something that’s heart-stopping fast. The Xenos yacht is set to achieve mind boggling speeds of up to 90 knots, and if this transforms into reality it would become the fastest 130-footer in the world. But, this yacht is not all about breaking records.

Xenos Yacht 4

The acclaimed Italian yacht designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini made sure this hyperyacht could not be compared to anything else, and added a subtle touch,a matching Bugatti, tucked away in the yacht’s impressive garage, that adds even more value to the $32.8M price tag. Does that sound like overkill?

Not yet, but upon hearing about the yacht’s impressive carbon and aluminum construction, you might think that.

Xenos Yacht 3

Spanning across 25 feet, the sleek Xenos certainly looks fast, and the best thing is that customers may actually personalize the interior layout of their vessel. For that amount of money, you can probably move the Bugatti inside the lounge if you want to.

Available with either a conventional hull or foil set up, this innovative yacht can be equipped with a twin, triple or quadruple engine setup. How does 5,000 bhp strike you?

Xenos Yacht 2

Environmentalists are probably going crazy right now, but there’s also some ‘green’ news they might like – an integrated solar panel system, courtesy of energy experts at Architaly.

With this solar electric system, the hybrid speedster will gladly cruise for up to eight hours, without any CO2 emissions.

Xenos Yacht 5

The yacht also comes with photochromic windows, an odd name, but it’s a special glass that can change transparency depending on the intensity of light, which means rested eyes and more privacy, when needed. 

Add the expansive lounge on the upper deck, three spacious suites, a wonderful galley, and a spacious living room on the lower floor – not to mention the watertoys and tenders – and you’ve got yourselves a winner. Where to?

Xenos Yacht 14

XENOS " The Hyperyacht"

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