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Prada and Adidas Give the Classic Superstar a Luxurious Upgrade

By Georgiana Grama


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The iconic Adidas Superstar is easily one of the most famous sneakers of all time. It’s re-launched every single year with fresh designs and interesting colorways, but its classic silhouette always remains the same. This year, the Superstar is ready to become one of the most luxurious sneakers on the market as well, as Prada and Adidas teamed up once again to give it a cool makeover.

Unveiled a few days ago, Prada and adidas‘ premium Superstars are available in three stylish colorways – all black, white with black and chrome silver with white. The collaboration between the sneaker brand and the renowned Italian fashion house doesn’t try to reinvent the iconic shoe, but it aims to show you how a memorable item can be subtly upgraded with premium materials.

At first glance, you won’t even notice too many differences from the standard models. That’s because the signature Superstar elements, like its simple silhouette, the distinctive rubber shell toe or the trademark Adidas stripes and trefoil logo have been left untouched. But everything changes once you pick up the sneaker and take a closer look. It just feels different.

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The Prada Superstar adds fine craftsmanship and premium materials to the table, but what’s very interesting is that the shoes are actually assembled in Prada’s workshops in Italy’s Le Marche region, not by Adidas. They’re mare from full grain leather that gives these sneakers a premium feel, just like we’ve come to expect from the Italian luxury fashion house.

There’s also a small Prada logo that’s heat stamped on the side of the heel, in case you worry that no one will realize this is a very special pair of sneakers. The shoes are already up for grabs in the brands’ stores and online and they will set you back a cool $500.

The first collaboration between Prada and Adidas led to a limited edition all-white Superstar and a matching Bowling Bag that was released last year and a third collaboration is apparently on its way, with bespoke pieces inspired by the America’s Cup sailing race.

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