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Pininfarina and De Rosa Team Up For A New Incredible Bike

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Pininfarina is one of the world’s most acclaimed design firms, an Italian company that made a name for itself by designing some of the most iconic cars of all time. But that’s not all they do. They’ve also started working on their own supercar in these last couple of years, the radical Pininfarina Battista, and they’re also involved in various other fields, one of them being bicycles.

Four years ago they’ve teamed up with the well known Italian bike brand De Rosa to release the SK Pininfarina, an ultra light road-racing bicycle that was a pretty big hit. Fast forward to 2019 and the Italian design house has unveiled an all new version of this bike, with strong innovative elements and numerous features that will make this bicycle super fast.

First things first, the new SK Pininfarina is a lot more aerodynamic than its predecessor, with a new seat design, redesigned top tubes, integrated cables in the chassis and a brand new fork as well. The weight of the polished frame scales tips the scales at just 950 grams (for the medium-sized version), while the fork weights in at just 370 grams. Impressive, right?

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Speaking of sizes, the new SK Pininfarina will be offered in frame sizes ranging from 460 to 600, featuring De Rosa and Pininfarina’s lettering, with special decals and a brand new heart logo, all designed by the Italian company.

Paolo Pininfarina, the Chairman of the renowned Italian design house said this new model is perfect to strengthen the partnership between the two brands and it’s a preview of future developments together.

We don’t have any word from De Rosa about the pricing details and availability of this new SK Pininfarina bike, but the previous model was priced at €2,500 or around $2,800, so you should expect something similar.

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