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Paul Sr designs awesome gold chopper for Donald Trump

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the few channels that offer real-time interesting facts and shows is the Discovery Channel. Besides survival and nature-related broadcastings, the American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior is one of most visualized shows.

One special episode of their TV-show involves fabricating a custom-made chopper for Donald Trump, the American real estate tycoon. His hunger for bling and expensive materials has become legendary, thus this chopper is a great addition to his personal collection.

Besides his personal 757 luxury jet that features golden interiors, he’s now the proud owner of a noisy 24-carat gold-plated custom-made chopper, created by the team under Paul Teutul Senior’s lead. The bike features Trump’s name, making it one of the most recognizable motorbikes in the world.

The one that rode the bike on the red carpet in the fabled Trump Tower was Paul Senior himself, on a road flanked by applauding enthusiasts. The team, after the presentation, declared that “it’s one of the best pieces that we’ve done at Orange County Choppers.” Furthermore, the bike does not simply include gold; it boasts it in the shape of intricate details and complex shapes, allowing for even more exquisiteness and amazing Trump even more.

This way, Trump became a real fan and friend of OCC, the design of the chopper having been designed during a discussion at the famous billionaire’s Towers. In addition to these, Trump has given Senior tough-love advice regarding the ongoing dispute between the chopper-maker and his son, Paul Junior. Paul Senior is also a contestant on the current season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” renowned show.

We are offering a round of applause to Paul Senior and his world-famous crew for creating such a beauty. Few could achieve something of this magnitude of high-detailing and complexity.


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