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Six Star Cruises offer a $1.5 million cruise on the Silver Whisper

By Adrian Prisca


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Ever dreamed of joining a cruise holiday and being picked up in a fancy atmosphere straight from home by helicopter? Well, this $1.5 million cruise that unfolds during 124 days, including exquisite services like caviar, private jet and Dom Perignon offers exactly that.

The cruise is organized by Six Star Cruises, departing from Los Angeles, in the United States, visiting 28 countries, among which we state Malaysia, the Maldives and New Zealand. The cost of such a luxurious trip goes for $11,740 per day, or $1.5 million per couple.

The package also features, as stated above, the pick-up of the guests directly from home, and then transfer to a luxurious Boeing Business Jet – here they can enjoy Da Hong Pao tea (priced at $3,000 per kilogram and harvested from 1,000-year-old plants) and Beluga Caviar ($5,800 per kilogram).

The cruise ship, named Silver Whisper, features a Royal Suite with veranda and bar, where only those who can afford extreme luxury can reside. The same holiday package also includes accommodation for four nights at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles plus a four-night stay in a suite on Sunset Island in Miami.

The spokesperson of Six Star Cruises, Mal Barritt, explains that they “have listened to what our most discerning customers say they look for in a holiday and created the most desirable cruise in the world.”

Considering that the cruise is due to start in January 2013 from Los Angeles, we can only wish the participants to enjoy their stay. Such a cruise holiday can as well be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion wealthy people shouldn’t miss.


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