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Buy an entire French Village, Courbefy, for just £275,000

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Interested in buying or renting an entire village for a period of time? We’ve presented some opportunities a few days ago, but we need to complete that list with this last-minute offer. A French village called Courbefy that features 19 buildings and a swimming pool is up for sale in France, priced at £275,000.

The village is located in the Limousin region, right in the middle of France, a place battered by rural-community-decrease and failing economy. Situated just 30 miles away from the city of Limoges, which offers transportation means from and to Paris in the form of railway and roads, the location was available until Friday for buyers to present their sums. Every building in the village is available, along with the stables, tennis courts and the swimming pool.

Until becoming deserted, the location was thriving with people and movement, the extinct community used to measure around 200 people. Highlighting the sadness of the desolated landscape, Jean-Pierre Chateau, neighbor to the village, declared to Le Figaro that “it was heartbreaking to see the place as a ghost village”, keeping in mind that the rural community used to thrive with “village festivals  which were held right up until the 1960s.”

As some point of attraction, the ruins of a 13th century castle are located nearby, along with an ancient chapel. The process of leaving the area, Chateau stated, started in the 1970s, as the farmers began thinking life in urban areas would be better, with perspectives in industry.

Anyways, the 1990s came and Courbefy had the chance of becoming a holiday village, with restaurants and hotels, but the prices of the project were too high for the investors, so the plan was abandoned. Nowadays, the city is roamed by “thieves, drunks and squatters,” as a local dared to mention.

In spite of its black past and possibly dark perspectives, Courbefy was put up for auction a few days ago by the Limoges judicial authorities, but with no success so far. It is currently up for sale, the price of €330,000 being the necessary cost of its renovation.

The mayor of the village’s township has showed his disappointment in case Courbefy isn’t going to be successfully sold, naming it a “lamentable” situation. Furthermore, he also held to support that anyone who makes a fair offer, would even have a chance of getting it for less than £275,000. In case its future keeps being undecided, the village will remain under the tutelage of Credit Agricole Bank.


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  1. $400.000 for this Village in Courbefy is extremely expensive!!! No one thinks that the village is completely damaged and everything needs to be rebuilt again. Take a look on the first pic where a house is in front of what they said is the pool, completely damaged and you can see they didn’t use good material at all. The pool if you find some other pics like i did needs to be rebuilt and what’s the white thing on the pool and around, snow? bad idea with a pool especially if you don’t take care of it. You can pay that money for the land but don’t say oh! it has a pool, tennis court, this and that because it’s all damaged and need to be rebuilt.

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