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Newron Motors EV-1 is a Breathtaking Electric Motorcycle Made out of Wood

Newron Motors EV-1 1

French motorcycle maker Newron Motors has unveiled one of the most incredible electric motorcycles we’ve ever seen! Simply called EV-1, this futuristic bike is crafted out of a very surprising material – wood – and it looks like a functional work of art, an engineering marvel that combines a cyberpunk-inspired design with impressive technology and performances.

This unique electric motorcycle is built around a large cylindrical battery pack, surrounded by beautifully shaped body panels that can be constructed out of a premium wood of your choice – ebony, oak, white ash or red cedar. The design is almost fully customizable and future buyers could even add a passenger seat, footrests and many other specs.

Newron Motors plans to produce only 12 units of its mesmerizing EV-1, with pre-orders starting already for a €2,000 ​deposit. The final price will be somewhere around €60,000 (about $67,000), with deliveries expected to come in 2021. We can imagine that woodworked monocoque​ body takes a long time to build and finish.

Newron Motors EV-1 2

But the battery itself is pretty great as well. It has an admirable range of 186 miles in the city (and 136 miles on the highway) and it can be charged up to 80 percent in just 40 minutes via a CCS fast charging plug. The exposed lithium-ion battery powers a 75kW PMAC engine that has a torque of 240 Nm, enough to blast this beauty from 0 to 62 mph in three seconds, with a top speed limited to 136 mph.

Of course, since this is an electric bike, it comes with numerous high tech features like smartphone connectivity, onboard GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even a dedicated app that shows the bike’s stats, like battery level, mileage and many other settings. If you want to find out more about this one of a kind electric motorcycle, head over to Newron Motors’ website.

Newron Motors EV-1 3


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