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10 Luxurious Beach Resorts That Rich Students Love


College students spend eight months per year writing papers and preparing for exams at a hectic pace. It’s the busy life of a student that leads them to spend their summers looking for the best, most luxurious vacation destinations that they can find. To avoid having to do all that extra work online to find the most amazing resorts, here are 10 beach resorts that wealthy students will surely love:

The Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

The Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora

This resort is the epitome of the perfect beach getaway. Azure skies, sandy white beaches, and crystal clear sapphire waters are just the start of an unforgettable vacation here. The real treat at Bora Bora isn’t just all of the amenities that this tiny island provides. A student that wants more than just a hotel room will find charming villas that are built right on the water!

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

The Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

If you ever find yourself in Dubai, the Atlantis Hotel boasts incredible architectures and miles upon miles of beaches. The theme is heavily into the sea here with giant aquariums to marvel at or hotel rooms with magical views of the sea life all around you.

Amenities here include swimming with dolphins, the best snorkeling experience, and spending the day at the largest waterpark in Dubai!

The Amanyara Resort in Turks and Caicos

The Amanyara Resort

Beauty and seclusion are the best words to use when it comes to describe Amanyara, tucked away in the corner of the Providenciales, an island that’s part of the larger Turks and Caicos chain of islands. The hotel rooms here are open and airy, creating a feeling of being outside no matter where you go.

The students who want to relax and enjoy a nice, quiet experience will find that Amanyara is the right spot for them.

Brando, French Polynesia

The Brando

Yes, Brando, as in Marlon Brando. These thirty-five private villas are part of one of the most exclusive resorts in the world on a secluded island that was once owned by the renowned actor, himself. Located on Motu Onetahi, which is part of French Polynesia, this small resort boasts a rustic theme with an emphasis on getting away from it all!

The Cocoa Island resort by COMO

The Cocoa Island resort by COMO

This resort of thirty-four villas isn’t just close to the beach; it’s right on the water – the perfect place to kick back, relax and forget about all your worries. Going back to school might be pretty hard after a few days in the Maldives, but you’ll have enough time to buy any essay you want at EduBirdie, so you’ll be prepared for anything after you recharge your batteries in this paradise.

The villas at COMO Cocoa Island allow you to slip into the turquoise waters of this warm lagoon whenever you feel like it or buy an essay online thanks to Wi-Fi availability. This small island also has white sandy beaches that are broad and bright.

Students vacationing here will find a nice mixture of ocean activities and amenities to make them forget all about writing an essay or paper.

Le Sirenuse, Italy

Le Sirenuse, Italy

Le Sirenuse looks more like a luxurious private residence rather than a high end hotel. This mesmerizing family-run hotel is located in the heart of Positano, Italy and has gorgeous furnishings and tasteful decor. There is an oyster bar, a terrace with stunning vistas, and even a gorgeous spa to enjoy.

Students looking for style and substance will enjoy this resort. It may not be cheap, but the service will make you smile.

Pink Sands Resort in The Bahamas

pink sands resort bahamas

Students looking for an established place with star power will find it in the Pink Sands Hotel located in the Bahamas. Kate Moss, Keith Richards, and Martha Stewart have all stayed here. This quaint, twenty-five room hotel is known to draw the rich and famous for a relaxed stay with aquatic adventures.

Soneva Kiri Resort by Six Senses

Soneva Kiri Resort by Six Senses

Located in Thailand, this tropical beach paradise has many amenities available, including an art room, library, and music room. For students who like to take in the local culture, there are also films, music, lectures, and plenty of books to buy.

Benguerra Lodge Resort, Mozambique

Benguerra Lodge Resort

This resort has incredible views and great expanses of sandy white dunes. The life here includes outdoor showers, four-poster beds, and prawns for lunch! The emphasis here is on the secluded idea of a lodge.

GoldenEye, Jamaica

GoldenEye, Jamaica

Previously owned by Ian Fleming and located in Jamaica, the GoldenEye is a great place to go for students who also consider themselves to be Bond fans. Formerly Fleming’s own home, he wrote fourteen James Bond novels at this very place.



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