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New St. Regis Luxury Hotel Opens up In Florence

By Adrian Prisca


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After a 10-month overhaul, the Grand Hotel Florence has finally come back to business, with a new name – St. Regis Florence. Having restored its former glory, St. Regis Hotel Line has finally opened this addition to Florence’s beautiful history and great city.

Furnished by the Bottega Veneta brand, the so-named suite is teeming with luxury and elegance, being the most sought-after room in the hotel. All of the hotel’s design is based on subtle shadows and stylishness. It comprises 19 luxury suites and 81 guest rooms, all of them being beautifully decorated and finished. As a touch to its uniqueness, every room in the hotel is named after a famous Italian.

The color-palettes vary throughout the hotel; it hosts 3 different styles: Renaissance, Medici and Florentine. Along with the custom-made furniture and hand-carved gold leaf plaques, every suite in the hotel lets out an air of nobleness. Everything has the “deluxe” word imprinted on it. Even the three IridiumSM Spa Suites, where anybody can relax in peace and quiet.

Every little aspect of this grand hotel is based on historical style, on antiqueness. One can find hand-painted landscapes of Tuscany, Florence all over the place. To go with all these finesse, the culinary experience a guest can have here is of top level. The Enochetta Pinchiorri three-Michelin-star restaurant takes care of the food-and-drink-related business, through their Etichetta Pinchiorri service.

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