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The lovely 50m Hessen Satori by Hessen Yachts

By Adrian Prisca


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During this year, by the 25th of February, Hessen Yachts has just started a revolution in yacht manufacturing, by launching the YN 15250 Satori vessel. At 50 meters long and being able to move with speeds of up to 25 knots, it’s one of the fastest ships of its class. It’s also the most efficient speed boat, with an excellent top speed / fuel burn ratio. Being semi-customizable, the looks of it are of great importance; hence, Hessen took time to give it a sleek-lined design and great appeal.

Luxury is the name of the game for this masterpiece. The saloon, being divided into three areas, with a height-adjustable table, is built to represent a multifunctional design. Whether preferring a high, formal dining table, or a lower one, for lounge, socializing and informal, anyone can have a great time inside the yacht. This adds elegance and uniqueness, to the deluxe style of the boat.

Consisting of multiple decks, all this vessel’s design brings unmatched precision and attention to detail. Up to ten guests can benefit of accommodation on the ship, being able to choose among the four rooms (two twins and two VIP suites) in the lower deck or the master suite on the main deck.

The decorations are based on white and grey tones that inspire peace and balance, contrasting with the dark brown of the lacquered wood and shiny surfaces to enhance sunlight. Guests can relax in the Jacuzzi, terrace-and-bar, a U-shaped sofa inside the forward cockpit all onto a huge sun-deck.

The prices of this 500 tone marvel are yet to be set, though they are sure to comprise at least 7 digits.


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