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Moving To Castellina Might Set You Back €28,000,000

By Victor Baker


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Located in Castellina, in Chianti, Italy, this is actually a marvelous castle that you could actually buy. Yes, it’s old, sturdy, as well as impressive, and with 115 bedrooms and 100 bathrooms on offer, this property looks more like a hotel, than one’s private house, with a massive living area of up to 14,320 m2 / 154,139 Sq Ft..

Those are pretty big numbers to comprehend, so let’s just sum it all up: €28,000,000 and it’s yours. The lavish property actually extends over 630 hectares, dominating its surroundings and including several restored farm houses that will charm you in just a matter of seconds.

With various alterations and extensions having occurred throughout its history, the beautiful castle has retained its original charm and appearance. Only the luxurious luxurious have been slightly changed as the years went by, with the obvious addition of modern amenities  right now.

And if you take a look at the castle’s big gardens, or the four large swimming pools and tennis court, you will realize this unique retreat is worth every single penny. Even more interesting, this property produces award winning wines and olive oil, although with that kind of land coverage and history, the castle is more than suitable for any idea the new owners might have.

It boasts an olive grove of 1,500 trees, 28 hectares of pasture and ample room for barns and boxes, as well as two private lakes, just in case the future owners love fishing.


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