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The Star Wars Collection Will Now Take Over with Levitating Pens

By Victor Baker


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S.T. Dupont is the latest company which jumped on the Star Wars craze, unveiling a special Star Wars-themed collection, with levitating pens and miniature fighter crafts. Inspired as much by the dark side and light side of the Force equally, this collection is yet another wonderful way to keep collectors and fans busy and happy.

S.T.Dupont’s master goldsmiths, silversmiths and trunk makers are responsible for these superb limited edition items, which seem to include a little bit of the Star Wars universe. The collection includes several pieces, like the X-Wing Collector’s Set, priced at £1,400 and boasting a luxurious glossy black lacquer box, with an X-Wing writing instrument inside and all the pieces required to assemble your own Rebel Alliance fighter craft.

The Wing Writing Instrument was constructed from A.C.T., an exclusive high-tech material, both extremely light and strong. But don’t worry, there’s also a tie fighter writing instrument, just to keep things balanced.

The TIE Fighter writing instrument will set you back another £1,400 and comes in matte black. Based on the Streamline-R model, this pen was crafted in Ceramium A.C.T., featuring a body and cap hand-guilloched with patterns representing the front view of the cockpit from the original TIE Fighter plans.

The Star Wars collection from S.T. Dupont also includes several small leather goods, in smooth silver and black-coloured diamond leather reflecting the spirit of opposing forces. The question is: which side of the force will you choose?

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