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Montblanc’s €1.5M High Artistry Homage To Hannibal Barca

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High Artistry Homage To Hannibal Barca

Known for designing high-end writing instruments inspired by historic figures, Montblanc has decided to impress us all once again with a new set of luxurious limited-edition pens, this time horing the legendary Hannibal, one of the greatest military commanders in history.

Called The High Artistry Homage To Hannibal Barca, this spectacular collection is based on the events of the second Punic war, when Hannibal led Carthage in a massive war against the Roman Republic. That’s why this war was also called the Hannibalistic war or the war against Hannibal.

For this exquisite collection Montblanc’s skilled craftsmen accessed the various métiers d’arts that have been applied to the company’s previous limited editions, with experts in stone cutting and setting, granulated lacquering, and even the use of an ultraviolet laser, working together to create this unique series of pens.

Before you we get into the details, you should know that all of these incredible writing instruments feature a cap in the shape of an elephant’s head, complete with tusks, eyes and a small pocket clip shaped like a trunk.

High Artistry Homage To Hannibal Barca

The focal piece of this collection is a ravishing one-off pen, featuring a stunning combination of white gold and diamonds, contrasting with a full pavé of blue sapphires, that’s valued at an astonishing €1.5 million.

As you can see from these photos, the trunk-shaped clip is beautifully set with stones, while the elephant head is adorned with individually cut and hand-set gems, requiring months of meticulous work. Its white gold fittings contrast with the deep blue of the sapphires on the barrel, which is embellished with individual rows of carée cut diamonds.

Furthermore, Hannibal’s epic route is engraved on the forepart of the pen, showing his journey route from Carthage to Rome. The top of the cap holds a 6.03 ct. brilliant-cut DFL diamond, while a blue sapphire cabochon from Ceylon shines is fitted at the base of the pen. Matching cufflinks will also be available.

Apart from this unique pen, the collection also includes five pens dedicated to the five great generals in Hannibal’s family. These pens come with a cap and barrel finished in dark blue sapphire and decorated with champagne gold fittings, while an oval gold shield, evoking a Punic cuirass decorates the middle of the cap.

The High Artistry Homage to Hannibal Barca Limited Edition 10 is another pen from this series, limited to just 10 units, and taking inspiration from Battle of Cannae, when the victorious Hannibal captured 10,000 Roman soldiers. Last, but not least impressive, the High Artistry Homage to Hannibal Barca Limited Edition 86 reminds us of the 86,000 men who crossed the Alps with Hannibal.

High Artistry Homage To Hannibal Barca

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