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Montblanc & Pirelli’s New Limited Edition Suitcase is Ridiculously Cool

By Victor Baker


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Some of you may recall that, back in early 2019, German luxury goods brand Montblanc joined forces with top-shelf Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli to release a limited-edition suitcase collection.

As you can imagine, this collaboration was an immense success, which is why the two European giants have reunited to make our days better once again. Shall we start making some travel plans?

Sure, you realize this might be the perfect moment to tease everyone about traveling. Or the lack of traveling this year. But hopefully things are going to change for the better pretty soon.

Montblanc Pirelli MY4810 3000 2

The new Montblanc x Pirelli luggage, a.k.a the Limited-Edition #MY4810 3000 Suitcase, will help you reach your destination fast thanks to its ball-bearing-guided wheels shod tires, which seem to be inspired by Pirelli’s P ZERO Formula One rubber. A bit too much, but I will allow it.

As you can imagine, these tires offer a more durable setup and allow something that was initially designed to be practical, bulky, and potentially loud to be very quiet and act like a pleasant travel companion. Add in the fact that this luggage is small enough to fit into a plane’s overhead compartment, and you’ve got yourselves a winner.

Montblanc Pirelli MY4810 3000 3

The #MY4810 3000 shows off a rugged, blacked-out polycarbonate exterior shell – one that has been reinforced with hardened, matte nylon corners.

There are other details worth mentioning as well, such as the red Pirelli luggage tag, dedicated business card pocket, a multi-stop rubberized leather handle, and Pirelli branding scattered throughout. I would have expected a more rugged vibe, to be honest.

Montblanc Pirelli MY4810 3000 5

Available now on Montblanc’s official website, the Montblanc & Pirelli #MY4810 3000 Suitcase looks cool and super fast. Since it’s going to be released in limited numbers, it will also add a touch of exclusivity to your future travel plans, regardless of your destination.

Just be prepared to pay $1,280 for the aforementioned bragging rights. And now, feel free to daydream about your next vacation – which is most likely the only thing you are able to do at the moment.

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