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Miniot Has Reinvented The Wheel

By Victor Baker


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Miniot wheel

Current trends reveal our obsession with nostalgia, with many brilliant restomods in the automotive universe and all other retro-inspired devices all around us. But a Dutch company called Miniot has managed to come up with a completely different concept, reinventing the Wheel, so to speak, when they’ve unveiled a new circular record player.

The designers from Miniot want to remind us about the elegance of playing music in a digital world, with their minimalist record player blending retro aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology. Easily controlled by a central joystick, this stylish record player hides its modern components well, to make sure it looks as eye catching as possible.

Miniot wheel

Miniot’s Wheel updates the classic record player in a beautiful way, and still takes us back in time, when the likes of Led Zeppelin ruled the world, alongside Abba, the Rolling Stones and more. By using an Audiotechnica AT95T cartridge, this innovative player offers a warm, rich sound, with optimum clarity, just what any audiophile dreams about, right?

The central mahogany stick which controls all functions is barely noticeable, and the best thing about this cool record player is that it can be used both horizontally and vertically – you weren’t expecting that, were you? It can be also used in tandem with a wireless speaker, which makes things even more interesting.

Miniot wheel


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