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The Fresh Hotel Athens – Incredible Views and More!

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Fresh Hotel Athens

Fresh Hotel, Athens is a modern oasis standing right in the heart¬†of the cradle of democracy. Sleek and playfully chromatic, this high-end hotel is one stunning place to retreat and recharge your batteries after you’re done discovering the numerous beauties of this incredible town, with serene views, luxurious amenities and world-class service complimenting your stay here.

Set against the ancient ruins of the Acropolis of Athens, Fresh Hotel¬†shows off the novelty of its name, with clean lines, bold color choices, as well as a seductive minimalist design which rewards anyone who dares to cross its threshold. It might seem to contrast a little with the unique atmosphere in the Greek capital, but it’s¬†just the right mix of old versus new if you ask us.

Fresh Hotel Athens

At Fresh Hotel Athens every single room or suite is equally gorgeous, but the restaurants are just something else. The hotel’s classy¬†Magenta Restaurant will spice up your mornings, while the breathtaking Air Lounge is set to make your dining experience a Mediterranean delight, while enjoying some of the most amazing views of Athens.

Diving in and enjoying everything¬†this city has to offer: culture, shopping, and nightlife, is one incredible adventure, but the hotel’s luxurious sauna, steam room, and the superb outdoor pool will make your stay here even more memorable. The question is – would you still want to return home?

Fresh Hotel Athens

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