Luxury Penthouse for Sale on New York City’s Duane Street

The penthouse we’re about to share with you right now is definitely one of the most luxurious from New York City, an exclusive home that very few could afford to buy. Located on Duane Street, in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City, it’s a gorgeous residence that makes us wish we had a way larger vocabulary to describe it.

The home features three and a half baths and four bedrooms, the penthouse being built in a duplex-like way. The luxuriousness of this place is proven not only by the decorations and furnishings, but also by the huge number of amenities that not everybody would afford.

Among these, we state the private elevator, a large private roof-top terrace that shares wonderful views over the metropolis, state-of-the-art full-appliances kitchen, living and dining room festooned with a sky-high transparent ceiling, allowing guests and residents to view the night skies.

Priced at $19.5 million, this luxurious living-spot is incredibly beautiful is the ultimate in terms of living in the NYC.