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The Riva Aquariva by Marc Newson luxury speedboat

By Adrian Prisca


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Marc Newson impressed everyone in the world with his new creation, built in collaboration with Riva Shipyards and Officina Italian Design, the Aquariva luxury boat. This incredibly gorgeous piece of engineering features an outstanding 60s atmosphere, retro-turquoise and faux mahogany, at the same time boasting extraordinary performance.

For this piece’s creation the Australian designer, now headquartered in the England, collaborated with Officina Italian Design, from Bergamo, Italy – yacht-designer with astonishing experience, in the last 20 years they’ve designed yachts for Riva shipyards. Riva, on the other hand, have a history that dates back in 1842, when it was founded by Pietro Riva.

The company is now a part of the renowned Ferretti Group. Emphasizing the classy nature of this boat, we give you Tuija Seipell’s quote: “The sales pitch is no doubt rich with superlatives and absent of the word recession.”

After primary launch during the autumn of 2011, it has been taken out again during the beginning of this year at a parade on the occasion of the 36th annual Arte Fiera, famous art fair in Bologna, Italy. The 22 beauties in this class are currently available through Gagosian Gallery in New York or at Riva dealers, for roughly $1.5 million each.


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