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Luxury House Hunting in the UAE: 5 Location Factors to Consider


A luxury home is made up of more than its vast windows, pool, and high-end kitchen. Location is everything when it comes to fully enjoying the benefits of your property, whether it is an apartment, house, or mansion. So, what kinds of perks should you focus on when looking for a new home in the UAE? Start with the five most important ones below.



Always keep your budget in mind when house hunting, especially if luxury is the priority. It is very easy to get excited and invest more than you can afford. Fortunately, the recent drop in real estate value will come in handy. Khalleej Times elaborates that 2020 saw Sharjah’s rank fall from 185 to 219 in the cost of living index, while Dubai, the most expensive UAE city, reached 152nd place, down from 114th. This makes the capital a promising candidate, considering the opportunities it offers.



Another handy luxury is not having to travel too far to get everything you need. Ajman is a prime location for that; firstly, because of its close proximity and easy commute to Dubai, while dealing with far less living costs. Local malls, markets, healthcare centres, and universities are other features that the Bayut property portal points out for those wanting to buy an apartment in Ajman. What you need from a luxury home is to live and work in comfort.


dubai traffic

If there is one common challenge among UAE cities, it is the traffic. Ambitious projects are underway across the country to counter congestion and air pollution. Dubai, for example, aims to have driverless vehicles take over 25% of journeys by 2030, Global Fleet reports. When it comes to browsing living locations, make sure you research how easy they are to navigate, as well as how long it takes to travel between destinations, either by car or public transport.


Abu Dhabi

Even if you already have a job waiting for you, it is good to know that the city you live in has plenty more opportunities. After all, luxury has as much to do with freedom of choice as indulgence. Big cities like Abu Dhabi are the safest bet, because of the constant influx of businesses, domestic and international, always on the lookout for talented workers in admin, IT, economics, and more. Innovative enterprises are also increasingly welcomed. And, as already mentioned, commuting from another cheaper location is perfectly reasonable.


Dubai Flower park

The factors above may be vital to living well, but if you do not like the property’s actual setting, its luxuries may end up feeling hollow. While urban locations mainly consist of roads and concrete, take a look at what exists within walking distance. What entertainment can you find?

Are there any outdoor areas you can escape to? Sharjah, for example, has its National Park, a 630,000-sqft space where locals can exercise, have picnics, or play at the jungle gym for AED 6 per person, Godayuse explains. Choose a neighbourhood that can accommodate and amuse you.

From there, think about what other luxuries your dream home should provide. Tailor your search and narrow it down to the perfect property!



  1. Dave February 14, 2021

    This is a really interesting article. I’d love to be able to afford a luxury home in one of these places. Maybe one day!


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