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Louis Vuitton Uses Titanium & Ruthenium To Protect Your Precious Watches

By Victor Baker


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Louis Vuitton Coffret 8 Montres Monogram Titane

Louis Vuitton’s Fall-Winter 2018 collection was all about titanium grey, and not just in terms of colour. Inspired by the sci-fi world, the brand’s new Monogram Titanium trunks (and boxes) have been made of a mirror polished titanium alloy, that was laser engraved with Louis Vuitton’s signature motif – thus creating a very appealing look.

One of the most affordable trunks (at least in theory) from this new collection is a special box for eight watches called Coffret 8 Montres Monogram Titane, that’s basically a titanium alloy version of Louis Vuitton’s standard watch trunk. Its frame is still made of the classic wood, but it was beautifully decked in titanium.

Furthermore, the lock and borders have been made of ruthenium while the corners were covered in exquisite leather, and lozine or round-headed nails hold everything together.

Louis Vuitton Coffret 8 Montres Monogram Titane

On the inside, you will find grey microfibre, with eight round cushions and a chic removable tray that’s all set to keep your watches safe and sound. Beneath the tray there’s also a shallow compartment that will offer some storage space for other smaller accessories.

Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Titanium range also includes an elegant suitcase, a champagne box, a cool mountaineer’s backpack, and a carry-on wheeled bag that’s perfect for your next trips. But the Coffret 8 Montres Monogram Titane is definitely a wonderful surprise!

The watch trunk is set to cost €20,000 or around $23,300, which is more than some people are willing to spend on a brand new car. But, if you want to keep your precious timepieces safe, this might be the most stylish way to go.

Louis Vuitton Coffret 8 Montres Monogram Titane

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