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LG launches the first flexible screen OLED TV


CES 2019 came with yet another breakthrough led by South Korean tech giant LG. The company revealed the first rollable TV with OLED technology, their OLED TV R, thus setting the future direction of television. This innovative TV comes with three different modes which allow users to set the screen size.

The most interesting part of LG’s OLED TV R is that it can be whatever the user wants it to be. It can scroll into a box at the base of the TV when it’s not needed, that being the zero view – one of the three viewing modes that make it do several useful tricks. Then there’s the line view, which slides down the display leaving only one fourth of the panel visible.

Features like clock mode, frame, mood, music or home dashboard will offer more useful ways to use the TV. The frame mode let’s the user show photos shared from another device, while the mood mode will create a relaxing atmosphere. Even when the TV is hidden from view, the user can still use features like music controls or intelligent home gadgets.


And speaking of music, the OLED TV R comes with a nice audio system, a 4.2 channel 100 W Dolby Atmos audio system. The full view mode offers a superb viewing experience with AI powered image and allows users a lot of control via voice input by using Amazon’s Alexa.

The combination between the flexible screen technology and voice activation makes LG’s OLED TV R the first of its kind. For those curious about the lifespan of such a technology, the reports state that it can last 50,000 cycles, translating to roughly 34 years of daily use – not bad, right? The TV will enter the market sometime this spring.



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