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Brabham Releases BT62 Conversion Kit for Public Roads Fun

By Thom Esveld


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Brabham BT62 road legal

Brabham’s BT62 unrestricted track car was met with a lot of praise from customers, but some of them wanted more. They wanted a road legal version of the BT62, so they’ve asked Brabham for it. The British company responded with a conversion kit that will allow current and future owners to drive this extraordinary supercar on public roads.

The kit will be available for a ‘cool’ price tag of $190,807, car not included. The conversion will take place in the UK for the European market, with future plans for Australia as well – we don’t know how people from the US could get it done. But we know the conversion will happen before the registration of the vehicles in order to get all the necessary approvals.

Brabham BT62 road legal

There will be extra features added to the road legal BT62, such as a front and rear axle lift kit for additional ground clearance and an increased steering lock range. There’s also air conditioning, better upholstery and door locks. The total weight will go up a few more kilograms but the V8 5.4 liter engine won’t suffer any modification so it continue to deliver the same 700 horsepower as before.

While the company didn’t design the car with public roads in mind, their customer oriented policy made them respond positively to this request and gave the possibility to own a road compliant BT62. The first road legal Brabham BT62 models will be delivered sometime this summer.

Brabham BT62 road legal

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