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Lataro Island is the Private Island Retreat You’ve Always Wanted

Lataro Island

Located off the coast of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu’s northern islands, Lataro Island is an incredible 800-acre private island, that’s almost completely untouched by man, that could be your future home and tax haven, if you’re willing to spend a cool $12 million to make your wildest dreams come true. 90 percent of this private island paradise is covered in lush rainforests, together with a wonderful array of flora and fauna that’s been here for thousands of years undisturbed and will surely make anyone believe they have gone back in time.

Furthermore, the six kilometers of pristine coral reef surrounding the island is home to beautiful exotic fish and an enchanting coral life that’s just waiting to be discovered. Only a few people have ever dived this extraordinary reef and most parts of it have never been explored so.. if you’re into diving, it doesn’t get more exclusive than this.

The only part of Lataro Island that’s been changed by man is the area where you’ll find your future home, with luxurious accommodations spread right next to the beach, that have been constructed in these last three years. The owner’s lavish residence is comprised of four separate buildings, connected to each other through undercover walkways, and featuring a modern kitchen, bar, a lovely dining and entertainment area, a swimming pool, play room, media room, office or a study – somewhat obsolete, once you get a glimpse of the surrounding views.

Lataro Island

The island is also extremely eco-friendly since 99% of the electricity is produced by the sun’s energy, rainwater is supplied from above and the air is extremely clean, since 90% of the island is a Conservation Reserve and one of the last refuges for the endangered Coconut Crab., the biggest terrestrial crab out there. ou could also wake up every morning listening to owls, eagle and parrots.

There’s also a spacious two-bedroom guesthouse on site, a self contained manager or caretakers house, a huge maintenance shed, and separate staff accommodation for up to 18 people. All buildings have been constructed in a beautiful Balinese style, featuring plenty of exposed timber mixed with dark tinted glass, but you probably won’t like to stay in too much. The island even comes with a few boats, toys and all furniture and equipment needed to move in as soon as possible, which means you’re just a few steps away from this real-life fantasy.

Lataro Island



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