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Bamford Adds Their Touch to the Master & Dynamic Headphones

Bamford Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic are always looking for new ways to make our lives better, which is why their new partnership with Bamford watch department (BAM) is not really surprising – at least to us. What resulted from this unique collaboration is a limited-edition pair of ‘MW60’ wireless over-ear headphones, showing off Bamford’s signature aqua blue lambskin lining.

Apart that, these re-imagined Master & Dynamic headphones feature black Saffiano leather and black lambskin ear pads, the perfect complementing details for these impressive audio devices. BAM’s customization and craftsmanship could be easily noticed in the stylish look of these headphones, and we’re sure that a lot of people are already lining up to get their hands on one of their own.

Bamford Master & Dynamic

As per usual, Master & Dynamic’s inspiration comes from the universe of watches, which is why these headphones display intricate details such as the dials and buttons, that are also seen on BAM’s watches. Blending the expertise of a leading luxury watch personalization company with the engineering excellence that goes into manufacturing these top quality headphones was a brilliant idea.

Now you are able to enjoy the brand’s signature curves and dedication to ultimate audio quality, while bragging about the exclusivity that comes along with such a pair. Pricing is irrelevant right about now, with most of my efforts going into ordering my very own pair. If you like these special headphones just as much as we do, you should hurry up, because they’re going to be produced in limited numbers.

Bamford Master & Dynamic


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