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Treat your Dog with a Luxurious $200,000 Dog Manor

By Victor Baker


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Dog Manor

All shall live in peace and harmony but, most importantly, in style! That sounds like the perfect 11th Commandment, and a few very lucky dogs may actually live to enjoy it. Who said a dog house shouldn’t be as elegant and beautiful as its owner’s pad? If that has sometimes crossed your mind, you should turn to Hecate Verona and let them cater to your demands with a personalized luxury dog manor.

These unique constructions are set to complement your garden and its surrounding, with the team at Hecate Verona having already begun a meticulous development project. The extravagant dog houses will feature smart technologies such as heating, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, cameras, food and water feeding systems, and even treat dispensers, sound systems, and TVs – why, do you ask? Well, why not?

Dog Manor

Unfortunately there’s no Wi-Fi, probably because the guys from Hecate Verona didn’t want the owners to spoil the fun. Any dog should be so lucky to take a nap inside one of these lavish dog manors, showcasing the best applicable hardwoods and natural stones available: marble, dolomite and so on.

Fully customized and made-to-order, the lavish dog pads will start off from $40,000 and they might even cost as much as $200,000 if you want nothing but the best for your best friend. That’s a lot of bacon for a dog, to be sure, and one can’t help but consider what other treats would that kind of money get them.


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