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Jorge Goval’s Zero day bed is truly amazing

By Adrian Prisca


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Based on the idea that “simplicity is resolved complexity”, a world renowned sculptor, architect and designer has recently come up with the mesmerizing Zero Day Bed. Jorge Goval is the one responsible for this stunning project, which he created for Fanstudio.

When it comes to performance, this rather interesting project revolves around an apparently simple yet extremely complex notion – tropism. It defines the natural movements of plants when adapting to changing environmental conditions, like lightness, temperature or humidity.

The Zero Day Bed is simply a superb, luxurious lounging spot which provides its occupants with great deals of privacy and protection. The facility is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, being enveloped by a carbon fiber or glass segmented shell which can unfurl or withdraw at the occupants’ trifle.

Therefore it provides shelter and shielding from the elements, like the wind, rain or even sun, in addition to privacy, virtually anywhere. The piece measures 2.2 meters in diameter and is crafted from aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel or glass. It comes with a reclining back which can be easily turned around for 360 degrees, thus providing occupants with the best orientation.

Inside, a collection of the finest Italian fabrics and materials can be found, a retro-illuminated champagne bucket, which can be barely seen under the central area of the mattress, alongside a top notch integrated sound system. Although the retail price of the Zero Day Bed hasn’t yet been disclosed, it will reportedly be put on market during 2013.


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