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Oakley Airwave ski goggles with heads-up display

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We have a gorgeous piece of equipment for skiing and mountain climbing enthusiasts, the freshest from Oakley. The famous manufacturer of goggles has recently come up with a stunning pair of top notch snow goggles which incorporate one off features like heads up technology from Recon Instruments which provides useful, real time information to the wearer like temperature, speed, playlists and maps.

This means the lower right corner of the goggles will be flooded with all sorts of numbers and data, which is the heads up display. The wearer perceives the effect similarly to a 14 inch (36 cm) screen located 5 feet (1.5 m) away, thus, according to Oakley, eliminating any need to refocus the eyes. And, what he haven’t mentioned so far, are the Bluetooth compatibility, all sorts of inbuilt sensors and GPS.

There is a friend tracker which you can access in order to locate your ski folk, alongside a map of 600 ski resorts found all over the world. You can also make calls through these goggles, send texts with stock messages via a wrist remote control which is reportedly “glove-friendly” and even stream music wirelessly. In order for the wearer to be able to operate the goggles via the wrist device, he needs to download a corresponding iPod Touch, Android or iPhone app.

Oakley also provides an additional type of ski goggles which incorporate the Zeal iON, with antifog and high density polarized lenses, just like the Airwave, but with a built-in HD camera to capture everything you want. The camera is able to capture both 1080p video and 8MP photos at angles as wide as 170 degrees. Additionally, it automatically adjusts for different light levels and comes with infinity focus, at $399.

The Oakley Airwave goggles have been available for purchase since the 31st of October, for $599 a pair, via Oakley.com, Apple.com and select Apple stores in Japan, Europe and the USA.


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