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The inspiring Song Saa Private Island resort in Cambodia

By Adrian Prisca


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The stunning Song Saa Private Island Resort can be found within the Koh Rong Archipelago, in the exotic Cambodia. It is practically a virgin corner of wildlife, untouched by destructive human sourced forces and ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

You are invited to check out this magnificent island resort, where 70 superbly appointed “floating villas” can provide the ultimate in comfort, pleasure and lounging. These luxurious overwater facilities come with full service, while each of them boasts with a private pool.

Guests can either choose to spend some quality time on the beach, bathing in the sun, they can meditate inside their private villas or enjoy every little bit of detail that characterizes the Song Saa, from the gorgeous blend of substances up to the staggering furniture crafted from indigenous wood essences.

The resort is surrounded by lush vegetation and deep jungles, ready to be penetrated by adventurous folk. Provided the purity of the local environment, everything from the jungle to the sea water is protected by the resort through careful and intensive preservation and protection programs. They even say “the protection of the natural environment and the support of local communities is central to Song Saa’s ethical charter.”

Newlyweds, couples of lovers, honeymooners, families or people in need of immediate tranquility, this staggering corner of the world is ready to provide you with anything you seek.


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