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Full Size Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator by FMCG

By Adrian Prisca


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This is yet another piece that we’d like to see alongside our desks. Have you ever wanted to become a Formula 1 Racing Driver? Are your parents’ bank accounts generous enough? The Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator is the best toy an F1 fanatic can play with.

Rich kids and teenagers will definitely be thrilled by this piece, which brings them as close to racing as possible. The package features three TFT screens which measure 23 inches in diameter, a 5.1 speaker system powerful enough to make you feel as if you were on the circuit and a training session provided by the engineers who gladly offer to mount it for you.

All you need to do is choose between a Black, Silver or Red paintjob for your F1 racing car, get inside the F1 cockpit replica and press the pedals. The project was designed and manufactured by the F1 car specialists at FMCG International, manufacturers of such F1 related high end cars and simulators since 1986.

The wannabe vehicle also comprises a top notch PC with Intel Core I7 microprocessor, Intel SSD HDD with the best in reading and writing speeds, 16 GB of RAM, 1200W PSU, Windows 7 Professional on 64 bits platform, wireless keyboard with integrated mouse and triple head graphics card with display port.

It wouldn’t be a real mistake to state this toy would perfectly aid genuine F1 drivers in their training, aside from being a great toy for rich children. It retails for a mind-boggling $144,790.

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