Jawbone presents Big Jambox, a cool speaker setup

After releasing the Jambox wireless speaker set-up, Jawbone  is back in our attention with a follow-up, the Big Jambox, a much larger version of the set, as its name obviously says. This package of portable electronics delivers high quality music and sounds, almost like honoring the boomboxes that dominated the market during the ‘70s. They work on Bluetooth technology, instantly auto-connecting to any Bluetooth-compatible device in their proximity.

The manufacturer has assumed inspiration from the elder version, penned down by Yves Behar. It consists of a sturdy, perforated steel grill all around the body of the speakers, while the ends and feet are made of high grade rubber. They also feature some accessible controls, for volume adjusting, pause and skip, while the most of the commands come externally. They are also made to match all sorts of listeners, packing a lithium-ion battery that may last up to 15 hours of continuous playback. Whopping, isn’t it?

If you thought these gadgets only have speaker function, you couldn’t be more wrong. They also boast an echo-cancelling microphone which can be used in making phone calls or even holding conferences on GoogleTalk, FaceTime or Skype. They also sport a memory system that enables them to remember up to 8 different profile settings and can also communicate with two devices at one time.

There are three different colors to choose from: the White Wave, Graphite Hex and Red Dot. They each feature different embossed patterns. Furthermore, it won’t matter if you play them at low volume or at maximum, their sturdy configuration will most definitely prevent and reduce any vibrations or rattle. They also come with an interesting feature called “Live Audio”.

What this does is to create a tri-dimensional listening experience taking advantage of binaural audio. Two more additions are the opposing dual passive bass radiators that bring deepness to the sound and a package of intricately tuned drivers, for the same purpose.

They are available for purchase on the Jawbone online store for $299. Quite a catch!