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The Liquid Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid

We’ve already featured a lot of cool tables made out of strange materials and inspired from exciting objects but this time we’re going to share you the most amazing table we’ve seen lately, designed by Zaha Hadid, this masterpiece is called the the Liquid Glacial Table.

This piece of translucent, clear acrylic that resembles a small glacier, with incredibly beautiful legs that seem to be water vortexes, is truly bespoke and would easily be the focal point of your living room.  The designer managed to immortalize two important states of water, ice, as a solid, and water itself as a liquid in this chic and elegant table.nt.

Above all, it’s hard not to notice the contrast between the plain, tranquil top of the table, resembling the water of a crystal lake, and the legs which seem to be swirling and look like water going down the drain. This astonishing piece has been presented on the occasion of the opening of the brand new David Gill showroom, in London’s Mayfair. This is definitely something we would like to see in our living room.



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