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Inspired by Math, the Integral House Is up for Sale

Integral House

Whoever said math was really enjoyable or fun was probably out of his mind, or possibly bored. But it’s true, math can impress us with astounding results and inspire people to create the most unique things imaginable, such as this stunning property.

Called the Integral House, this light-filled oasis can be found in Toronto, Canada, and you should know that this incredible estate is looking for a new owner, who’s willing to pay up $17.2 million to live here. Built by its former owner, the late mathematician James Stewart, this house was designed by the talented team at Shim-Sutcliffe Architects.

Inspired by the beauty of calculus, the marvelous home is dominated by the geometry of a curve, as you can see by the undulating curtain wall, with vertical oak-clad blades that offer unique views of the surroundings.

Integral House

The one of a kind project took almost 10 years to be completed, but it was totally worth the time and effort, receiving even a Governor-General’s Medal for Architecture. The extraordinary estate has been imagined to revolve around a tall, wide, central room, with a balcony and a curving glass wall facing the ravine, which is set to be the main area for musical events and social gatherings.

The interiors show off 5 different levels, descending down the slope of the ravine across 18,000 square feet of living space. New owners will be enjoying four bedrooms, on the upper floors, as well as a pool area, with retractable windows, a gym, sauna, and powder room – all located on the lower level.

Winters may be harsh in Canada, but not if you’re leaving here, as this property comes with a heated driveway, heated walkways, and heated flooring throughout, as well as three wood-burning fireplaces. Anyone in the mood for a hot cup of cocoa?

Integral House



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