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The Chiron-inspired Ettore Bugatti Luxury Clothing Collection

Ettore Bugatti Luxury Clothing Collection

The marvelous Bugatti Chiron is now accompanied by a matching Ettore Bugatti luxury clothing collection, that will surely make future owners and any Bugatti fans really happy. This exclusive capsule range includes twelve pieces and matching eyewear, inspired from the jaw dropping 1,500-hp Veyron replacement.

Made in Italy, as you’d expect, with clever artisanal techniques and stylish materials, the new Ettore Bugatti luxury clothing collection will include only 431 items, to remind us all about the land speed record that Bugatti alone was able to achieve.

You will surely notice that the printed motifs from these pieces, workmanship and the sporty finishing touches look really similar to the outrageous lines of the Chiron.

Ettore Bugatti Luxury Clothing Collection

The driver’s jacket, made from sturdy calf leather with stitching on the back, immediately got our attention. Depicting the seats of the Bugatti Chiron, this lovely jacket is soft to the touch and sweet on the eyes. It also features the iconic blue dual tone, the automaker’s color scheme of choice, but let’s just hope the price-tag is more on the affordable side.

Next, the new Bugatti Luxury Clothing Collection also includes several other jackets, four different T-shirts designed to offer you a comfortable feel and a stylish look and sporty eyewear and a cap which round off the Bugatti gentleman’s look, suggesting the wearer might be driving home in one of those incredible supercars that only celebrities can afford. A bit of a trick, to be fair.

Ettore Bugatti Luxury Clothing Collection



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